World Of Warcraft Legion Beta Key

The middle of the year is usually a good time to get into MMOs. But if you’re not sure what to play, or you’ve been thinking about returning to the land of Azeroth for a bit, then there’s World of Warcraft: Legion.The full game isn’t out until the end of August. But if you’d like to give the beta a go, we’ve got 500 keys to give away.As a small reminder, here’s some of the new bells and whistles that Legion is adding to Blizzard’s long-running MMO


The main hook for many people will undoubtedly be the Demon Hunter hero class. People have been wanting to represent Illidan’s kind for years, and while your progress and access won’t carry over from the beta to release it’ll be fun to see what Blizzard is doing with Demon Hunters.

Download World Of Warcraft Legion Beta Key


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