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New informations – about games and our Star Citizen Crack:

Star Citizen is a game of space-sim genre (space simulators), created by a team of developer Cloud Imperium Games under the direction of Chris Roberts. The player takes on the role of a pilot a spaceship and travels through vast parts of the universe, completing missions, fighting with enemy units, trading etc.

Star Citizen Crack is the first after ten years of break draft Chris Roberts, which is also the debut for his new studio Cloud Imperium Games. Creator of games such as Wing Commander and Freelancer set a goal to combine the best of space-sim genre with the possibilities posed by modern PCs and engine CryEngine 3. This objective was made possible primarily thanks to the support of the same fans who have invested in dozens of game million dollars, making it one of the largest projects in the history of crowdfundingowych.

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System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz/ AMD Phenom X2
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Video Card: NVidia Geforce 460GTX AMD Radeon HD5850 DirectX 11
Sound Card: Yes

Informations about games:

The action takes place in the XXX century, when mankind moved between a star and began the colonization of space, and also met on his way various alien races. At the same time a return to the solutions of the Roman Empire in terms of civilization, social and cultural uniting in the political organism called the United Earth Empire. The UEE the status of a citizen must be earned military service or civilian, you can possibly be stellar merchant and simply take out citizenship for earned money. At the same time the Star Citizen crack working world is also inhabited by many people without this status, including pirates and other criminals. The player takes on the role of a pilot a starship and traverses the far reaches of the universe, fighting with opponents, doing various missions transporting cargo, dealing with trade and so on. With an acquired experience grows hero’s skills, and the acquired wealth can be carried out upgrades of ships owned or buy new models. There is a wide array of spacecraft, starting with fighters or unarmed civilian units by luxury transports and frigates, and ending with the cruisers and aircraft carriers, whose services may require cooperation between several players.

Star Citizen Download PC offers two variants fun. Mode Squadron 42 is a solo campaign dedicated to the Star Citizen crack offline. Title Squadron reminds the French Foreign Legion – this elite, who always gets the most difficult task, and to join its ranks is considered a huge honor. This mode offers classic campaign style Wing Commander, with an extensive plot, carefully designed tasks and battles and interesting NPCs, which lent the voice of famous actors. Squadron 42 also allows for cooperative gameplay and traditional multiplayer battles. For supporters of MMO provided in turn extended mode of the galaxy, taking the form of a big network universe populated by thousands of players. In it we choose a career path and decide whether we prefer to engage in trade, completing tasks as a mercenary or a criminal activity. It is even possible to buy the property.

The game combines elements of flight simulation spaceship, shooting, role-playing, and even economic strategy. Mechanics clashes star focuses on the spectacular clashes at small distances realized by using realistic physics engine. The lion’s share of time at Star Citizen crack pc player spends in the cockpit of the pilot, but there is also the opportunity to leave the machine and pospacerowania mode FPP after the ports planetary bases of stellar interiors and large ships. The current is even an option to carry out abordaży on enemy units, where the game turns into a first-person shooter.

Incredibly detailed visuals Star Citizen download full game are the result of an advanced engine CryEngine 3 Crytek. Game developers have used the refined physics system, which allowed the faithful representation of the behavior of objects, vehicles and equipment, including the variable gravity. It is worth mentioning that the production team of Cloud Imperium Games has invested in its own studio for motion capture sessions, which were used abundantly in particular when developing the campaign narrative mode Squadron 42. Star Citizen download free is based on a hybrid business model, similar to that used in Guild Wars 2 . this means that the game requires a one-time purchase, and additional players can benefit from using micropayments to purchase a variety of items, modifications or service, but they do not give an advantage over other participants in the fun.

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